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Coffee Roasters Vancouver

Coffee Roasters Vancouver

Coffee Roasters Vancouver

If you are here looking for an array or list of coffee roasters in Vancouver...what would be the point? 

Now I'm not saying there is only one coffee roaster in Vancouver but, there is only one coffee roaster in Vancouver.

Hello Aviator it is we, Threshold Coffee. 

Just kidding of course, there are many coffee roasters in Vancouver, too many to count and only one will send you to cruise, so let us be awfully biased and make a list for you:

  • Threshold Coffee
  • Pallet Coffee Roasters
  • Argo Roasters
  • JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
  • Timbertrian Coffee Roasters
There are so many brilliant roasters in Vancouver that deliver blends of coffee to suit just about any coffee addict, Its actually pretty humbling to be amongst them and we have only scratched the surface in this list. But this list of coffee roasters in Vancouver are ones we have visited and that we truly do love. 

Threshold Coffee

Threshold Coffee

Everyone loves travel and that feeling of jetting off, over horizons and seeing the world go by from the view of a tiny window, there is nothing quite like it. So our mission is to replicate that feeling all from a small cup of coffee. We aim to send you to 38,000ft with the sips and slurps our coffee and make your day jet off just right.

We are a small but a mighty company who roars just like the jet engines, V1 has already been called and there is no turning back. 

We are also aviation fans, and the Brew captain is a pilot in training. We love history, legacy and the heritage of anything aviation and we know it is still a dream for many. That's why at here at Threshold coffee - we give back! 

A sum of all purchases goes back to charities that aim to take those who can't get up into the air and we also wanting to provide a scholarship or sponsorship in the future. 

So here's to you and the big blue, See you up there! ☕

Location: Right here


Pallet Coffee Roasters


Pallet Coffee Roasters

Established in East Vancouver in late 2014, Pallet was born from a vision to make great specialty coffee accessible to all members of our community. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and community-minded coffee company, and stand above the rest with our unwavering dedication to providing our community with an excellent product and love for specialty coffee.

Coffee shop providing house-roasted java &  not only that, but they do bloody damn good tasty baked goods along with sandwiches, salads & panini.

Location: Too many, they are all over the place - see here

Agro Roasters


Argo Coffee Roasters

Agro Roasters is a locally owned and operated, organic coffee roaster in Vancouver, British Columbia. We believe that great coffee begins at the farm level. We work directly with farmers that are committed to producing the highest quality specialty coffee, while ensuring sustainable and ethical agricultural practices in their farms. Our beans are carefully selected by our Head Roaster, also one of Canada's few licensed Q graders - the coffee's world's equivalent of a sommelier. We hope you enjoy the coffee and get curious about how and where it was grown.

They have a modern coffee shop setting with bright, industrial interiors, light fare & classic but divine café beverages.

Location: 550 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3H7

Website: Agroroasters.com


JJ Bean Coffee Roasters


JJBean Coffee Roasters

We believe people have intrinsic value and seek to honour our coffee producers, our staff, and our customers by only serving the freshest, best tasting coffee possible. To this end, we source the highest quality green coffee and roast it in small batches daily, guided by one principle: the best taste wins.

The Neate family has been roasting coffee in Vancouver for four generations. In 1996, John Neate Jr. (JJ) established JJ Bean Coffee Roasters to honour people through great coffee, food, spaces, and service.

Neate by name neat by nature, pretty sure that should be their slogan, if it changes from now, you know where they got their swagger from! Just saying. 

Long established Roasters in in Vancouver and ones we admire.

Location: These crafter buggers are all over the place - See here!

Website: jjbeancoffee.com


Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters
Timbertrain coffee was built on a dream of bringing people together through a passion for doing what we love: coffee. It didn’t take long for us to realize that people gathered, shared experiences and were brought together over cups of coffee. That there was a culture there rooted in community, education and experience. The culture behind this takes an inside look to the consideration that goes into handling, preparation and sourcing of coffee and that behind the end result was a skillfully crafted process. From machinery to sourcing, there was a lot that went behind manufacturing coffee. And so Timbertrain was born.

They have very cozy, urban shop with a train theme providing house-roasted, artisanal coffee, pastries & latte art.

There also theme my third best from of travel - TRAINS, I LOVE TRIANS. Just saying.

Location: They have two, the cheeky buggers and in the very hipster part of town:-

311 West Cordova Street,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 4K2

551 McLean Dr
Vancouver, BC
V5L 0C2

Sip away...

And there you have it, just a taste of Vancouver's finest roasters, without question there are more, which is a beautiful thing, so go ahead an post them in the comments if you like.  

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