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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, more are to be added shortly. However, if you still need help then please contact us at ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com

About Us

We love too, how about over a coffee? I mean we could be here for hours and I can write a novel. So you can head to our 'About Us' page which gives as brief as possible of who we are. 

Or send us an email and ask away. 

We are also planning other things such as places in which we aviators can collaborate and also discuss any but most importantly aviation.

Perhaps a club? We're already on it ;) and its in development for aspirations to do even bigger things for charities and people. We will announce this our blog very soon, so keep an eye out. 

Pilots, students, controllers, enthusiasts.

When it comes down to it, we are all aviation crazy! 

We are not just a coffee company...because uh we might do tea in the future. 

But beyond that, we have an astonishing amount of projects, products and exciting things to share and explore with you.

They are being worked on as we speak and as we grow with our customers, we will be revealing them one by one as soon as its the appropriate time to do so. 

What things you may ask?

Well, ain't you a curious one. Things such as new blends of coffee, merchandise, a club for aviators, contests and rewards, more charities to contribute towards and perhaps a aviation scholarship or sponsorship program in the future.  


Of course, the beauty of flight was invented so that we may reach all corners of the globe. Here at Threshold coffee we feel it should be the same.

Although we may not have presence in every country, we would like to grow and have hubs so that we may deliver to all our fellow aviators in a speedier fashion and at lower cost. In time, this will be possible, but for now international customers will have to pay for delivery in order to sip the good stuff. It's worth it though.    

Shipping is calculated in real-time from carriers at the checkout. These prices are calculated from the hull of our aircraft to the doors of your humble abode.

Pricing will depend on how long the leg is to its destination.  


Primarily we use Canada post. If you're an overseas aviator, they will pass the parcel on to your countries representing postal service, which in turn will gladly deliver your order to your door.

You may also find options such as UPS, FedEx, DHL or other reputable carriers to choose from at the time of checkout. The option really is yours as we know everyone has their own personal preference. We also aim to add more in the future as and when they become available. 

We aim to have you orders to you by between 2-8 days of the order being placed.

International customers between 5-14 days.

We all now that the smallest things can happen that could delay any flight and as aviators, we expect the unexpected and plan for it. However, if you still haven't received your order in a timely fashion, do not hesitate and get on the comm's! 

ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com - Please provide your order number when emailing.

In most cases, yes and we aim to have all orders with tracking numbers from the selected carrier, so you can see where about in the journey your order is. Much like tracking an aircraft live whilst its inflight, I know we all love to do that! 

If your not presented with a tracking number, don't panic! The carrier may not of assigned one yet, once it leaves our door and the carrier is handling it, then you will get a shipping confirmation email or update to automatically notify you of the commencing of shipping, which will have a tracking number on.

If there is still not a tracking number, get on the comms and we will gladly see if we can obtain it or update you about your order.

ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com - Please provide your order number for reference.   


We understand that there will be times when we don't get things right. We do not want this to be the case but it will happen. 

The last thing we do not want is our customer unhappy. So please email us and lets discuss the issues you have and make it right.

*Please not we do not do refunds on coffee as it is perishable goods.

Email: ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com


You may have noticed that some of our coffees have flavours. These are flavours which come naturally from the flavour compounds within the coffee beans which are brought out and accentuated by the roasting process. We never add any flavourings to our coffees and we never add nuts to the coffees. We do not package the coffee in a protective atmosphere so cannot guarantee the total absence of nuts, however we will never add nuts to the coffee, or allow the beans to come into contact with nuts. 

Yes, we do have some coffee that are flavoured and will state that in the product description. Most of the time we only source roast beans with flavours that are naturally found within the bean, these flavours are influenced by how the coffee is grown and processed.

When we talk about strength of coffee, different people mean different things. To some people consider a darker roasted coffee to be stronger, conversely others may consider a light roast coffee with lots of acidity strong. 

To keep things simple, when discussing strength, we purely mean the ratio of coffee to water. To increase the strength of coffee, then you should simply add more coffee to you brew method. 

From all over the world! 

We consider ourselves old romantics of flight, looking at airway routes of old airlines. Seeing destinations such as Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, Guatemala and so we venture there and brought the world back with us in the form of a coffee bean. 

Yes, most of our coffee sourced is from supplies that are USDA certified organic and have fair trade compliance.  

Coffee that isn't USDA certified organic is often fertilized with synthetic nitrogen and phosphates, destroying groundwater in already impoverished counties. These same chemicals deplete vital nutrients in the soil while adding nasty toxic waste. 

Coffee that is not Fair Trade may use slave labour, working in terrible conditions and may also handle and be exposed to toxic chemicals. Our sources means that farmers of our coffee get a liveable wage and have fair working conditions, but we always aim to seek and do better. 


Certainly, you may change you subscription within your 'account'. Once there click 'Manage subscription' and chose your coffee options.

Absolutely! There is no obligation to continue your subscription. Head over to your account, using the icon above, click and manage your subscriptions and also cancel at anytime. 


Anything can be fixed. Firstly don't panic. Aviate, navigate, communicate. 

As soon as you notice an issue, contact us directly via email. 

ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com - Please provide your order number. 


Unfortunately not. Only one discount code can be used at checkout out anyone time.


Buy our coffee. Not only will you get really delicious coffee that sends you to cruise altitude but you will also be doing good for charities and the community! 

Depending on the contest and when it draws to a close, we take all customers names that have ordered from the date of announcement of that contest. We then announce the winner(s) on our social media networks and our blog.

As an extra, even if we have not specifically announced a contest, we may just sneak in a 'Golden Flight Ticket' within random orders.  

You never know! We are expected them to get bigger and better as we grow.

You may see anything from free coffee or merchandise, to Bose headsets, a gaming PCs specific for flight simulators, or even bigger things on the scale of an experience flight. 

We will be pushing the limits of the big blue above us to bring amazing things to our customers and the community and we here at Threshold Coffee, really can't wait to show you.  

To get involved, buy a bag of coffee! 

The Golden Flight tickets are placed within random Coffee orders purchased from our store.

Everyone as held of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory! We love the concept and thus our special Golden ticket was developed. 

A lucky recipient of this ticket is an instant winner. The prize will be based on the ticket. Each ticket has a unique phrase and/or code printed on it. Upon the confirmation of those details we will present you with your prize!


Congratulations are in order! 

Woo, well done! Just send Threshold Coffee an email and we will confirm some information with you.

Email: ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com

We simply don't know how you kept you composure while asking this question.

Congratulations aviator! 

Send our team an email: ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com and we will confirm some details with you.

Loyalty Program

There is actually many ways in which this is achieved. Creating an account, like us of Instagram or buying coffee. You are rewarded for such kindness which will lead to money off if and when you accumulate enough points.

To see more details, click on the red circle that should be present in the bottom left corner. 

When you have enough points in order to get money off your order or a discount. You should receive and email with a code for you to use at checkout for the appropriate amount to be discounted. 


We are barrelling done the runway and lifting off and at a pace that feels faster that a F15 being catapulted off the deck of a carrier. 

We will be seeking talent in all areas, so if you are interested and would like to get involved, you can firstly check out our jobs page listed in the menus above or below and see what positions are open. 

If there is nothing to your liking yet, but you would like to express your interest... 

Launch an email our way: ThresholdCoffeeCo@Gmail.com

Page is still currently being updated, remain in the hold.

Our Coffee

Each coffee blend is carefully selected, organic and fair trade.

24/7 Customer Support

A crew is always on deck to answer your questions.

Fast delivery

We aim to have you sipping away within 2-8 days.